Enhancer-GAL4 driver library

The Vienna Tiles (VT) enhancer-GAL4 driver resource currently consists of 200 lines (original collection of 8,547 lines was significantly culled in Oct 2017 and Sep 2019). The lines were generated and validated by the Dickson and Stark groups at the IMP, Vienna.

The precise expression patterns of reporters driven by these lines have been extensively documented and annotated. Data from these analyses are stored in the following databases and are invaluable for helping you search for lines of interest and are directly linked to the VDRC stock ID for ease of ordering:



Confocal images of male brains from VT lines, along with curation of where they are expressed, can be accessed at Virtual Fly Brain (Milyaev et al., 2012). Images were created by the Dickson group, IMP, Vienna (now at HHMI Janelia Research Campus). Many of the VT GAL4 lines have also been independently imaged in female brains and ventral nerve cords at HHMI Janelia Research Campus (www.janelia.org/gal4-gen1).



Enables simple and complex searches by ID (VT tile number), neighboring genes, genomic coordinates, and annotation terms including embryonic developmental stage, strength of enhancer activity, fixed anatomical terms, and keywords.

Browse the VT lines

See associated publications: Tirian and Dickson, 2017; Kvon et al, Nature 2014.