Open Positions

The Campus. The Vienna BioCenter is a top biology research center in Europe conducting innovative research in all areas of the life sciences.

The Areas. The wide range of expertise, from biophysics and structural biology to cell biology and evolution, combined with a plethora of model systems, ensures diversity and interdisciplinarity.

The Research. Purely curiosity-driven research is highly valued and encouraged. A focus on basic biomedical research and mechanisms of disease, laying the groundwork for future solutions to global health problems.

The Infrastructure. Cutting-edge research infrastructure enables innovative research and provides a competitive locational advantage to all researchers on campus.

The City. Located in the city consistently ranked #1 in the Mercer Quality of Living Ranking, the Vienna BioCenter offers some of the best research opportunities in Europe and has become a magnet for inquisitive and ambitious scientists from all over the world.

The different entities at Vienna BioCenter offer career opportunities at various stages, both in science, science support and administration. See the full list of job opportunities on campus below.

Job Description Organisation Date
Ref2114: Masters Thesis in Structural Biology (cryo-EM)IMP
Master’s Position (Leeb Lab)Max Perutz Labs
IT-affine/n Student/in APEIRON Biologics
Core technician (f/m/d, full-time)Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
Chemical-Technical AssistentChanPharm
Bioinformatician (m/f/d)Aelian Biotechnology
Core Technician (f/m/d, full-time)Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
Postdoctoral Position in Nuclear Membrane Architecture and Lipid Metabolism (Köhler Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Operative/r Einkäufer/in - Life Science (m/w/d)Thermo Fisher Scientific
Master’s Thesis Project (Karagöz Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Postdoctoral Position in "Mechanisms of age-linked cardiovascular disease" (Foisner Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Communications Officer (m/w/d)IMBA
Research Assistant (10h/week) - ISCCFIMBA
Technical Assistant (full time)Austrianni
Ref2112: Master thesis, genomics and transcriptional regulationIMP
Ref2113: PhD student or PostDoc for MS-CrosslinkingIMP
Scientist – Molecular Biologist, Immunologist, BacteriologistAustrianni
Laboratory Technician 20h/week (Zagrovic Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Event Manager (m/w/d)IMBA/GMI
Senior Core technician (f/m/d, full-time)Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
Scientist – ImmunologyX4 Pharmaceuticals
Senior Scientist (PhD)PhagoMed
Researcher (B. Sc. / M. Sc.)PhagoMed
Senior Scientist – Clinical Microbiology (m/f/d)Ares Genetics
Scientist II – NGS Assay Development (m/f/d)Ares Genetics
Facility Management Mitarbeiter (m/w/d)IMP/IMBA/GMI
Mitarbeiter Facility Management (m/w/d)IMP/IMBA/GMI
Master's position in plant molecular biology (Bachmair Lab)Max Perutz Labs
OEM / Licensing Business Development Manager EMEAILexogen
LabortechnikerIn (m/w/d) in der Qualitätskontrolle -befristetThermo Fisher Scientific
Research Scientist – Molecular and Cell Biology, Nucleic Acid Research and Assay Development (full time, all genders)Lexogen
Mitarbeiter/in Office Management (Teilzeit)Open Science - Life Sciences in Dialogue
Head of Chemistry (F/D/M)QUANTRO Therapeutics
Application ScientistLexogen
Assistent/in im Sekretariat, Verwaltung/Administration (Vollzeit)APEIRON Biologics
Produktionsmitarbeiter (m/w/d)Thermo Fisher Scientific
Graphic Design - Internship (f/m/d)SCARLETRED
PHP/Web Developer (f/m/d)SCARLETRED
Technical Assistant Quality ControlLexogen
Product Manager (full time, all genders)Lexogen
Research Technician Biology – Cell Culture/Engineering (M/F/D)QUANTRO Therapeutics
Head of Pharmacology (F/M/D)QUANTRO Therapeutics
Research Technician Biology – Transcriptomics (D/M/F)QUANTRO Therapeutics
Biologe im Vertriebs Außendienst (m/w/d), VollzeitLabconsulting
Bioprocess Engineera:head
Frontend Developer BioinformaticsLexogen
Ref2106: Two Postdoc positions: Mechanisms of immune evasion in metastatic cancerIMP
Laboratory Assistant ProductionLexogen
Computer Vision Engineer (Senior)SCARLETRED
Full Stack Web Developer (Senior)SCARLETRED
Videographer - Internship (f/m/d)SCARLETRED
Full Stack Web Developer (Junior)SCARLETRED
Android DeveloperSCARLETRED
Ref2022: Cryo Electron MicroscopistIMP
Ref2021: Masters thesis, Stark LabIMP
Clinical Project ManagerSCARLETRED