Open Positions

The Campus. The Vienna BioCenter is a top biology research center in Europe conducting innovative research in all areas of the life sciences.

The Areas. The wide range of expertise, from biophysics and structural biology to cell biology and evolution, combined with a plethora of model systems, ensures diversity and interdisciplinarity.

The Research. Purely curiosity-driven research is highly valued and encouraged. A focus on basic biomedical research and mechanisms of disease, laying the groundwork for future solutions to global health problems.

The Infrastructure. Cutting-edge research infrastructure enables innovative research and provides a competitive locational advantage to all researchers on campus.

The City. Located in the city consistently ranked #1 in the Mercer Quality of Living Ranking, the Vienna BioCenter offers some of the best research opportunities in Europe and has become a magnet for inquisitive and ambitious scientists from all over the world.

The different entities at Vienna BioCenter offer career opportunities at various stages, both in science, science support and administration. See the full list of job opportunities on campus below.

Open Positions