Open Positions

We welcome applications for PhD, postdoc and summer school positions. Please, scroll down for specific Job Offers.

VBC PhD Programme call 2020.

The prestigious international VBC PhD Programme is jointly organized by GMI, IMBA, IMP, and the Max Perutz Labs and announces two calls per year.

The winter call is open until 15 November 2019.

The Max Perutz Labs offer additional opportunities for doctoral training: Vienna Doctoral School “Molecules of Life”.

If you are interested in working with a particular research group, please send your application directly to the relevant group leader.

You may also apply for a postoctoral position through the VIP2  program. The next call will open on 1 March 2020.

VBC Summer School 2020.

If you are a Bachelor or Master’s student, you can apply to the VBC Summer School, a unique opportunity to do your own research project in a world-class lab during the months of July and August.

The program is jointly organized by GMI, IMBA, IMP, the Max Perutz Labs, and CeMM.

The next call will open on 1 December 2019 for the summer 2020.

If you are interested in doing an internship at one of our research institutes, please apply directly to the research group of your choice. Read more.

If you would like to do an internship at one of the biotech companies or any other entity at the Vienna BioCenter, please get in touch directly with the company or entity of your choice.


Job Offers

Job Description Organisation Date
Research Associate – Discovery DepartmentX4 Pharmaceuticals
Research Assistant – Discovery DepartmentX4 Pharmaceuticals
Research Associate – Translational SciencesX4 Pharmaceuticals
Scientist – Translational SciencesX4 Pharmaceuticals
3D Artist / Media Designerbiolution
Office assistant with Project Management tasksbiolution
Postdoc positionChanPharm
Einkaufssachbearbeiter - Teilzeit (m/w/d)IMBA
Bioprocess Engineera:head
Head of Clinical OperationsAPEIRON Biologics
Diploma StudentAPEIRON Biologics
Postdoc at ChanPharm for novel organ on chip solutionsChanpharm
Backend Web Developer BioinformaticsLexogen
Frontend Developer BioinformaticsLexogen
Clinical Trial AssistantAllcyte
Business Development Representative (m/f/d)Ares Genetics
MitarbeiterIn in der KonfektionierungThermo Fisher Scientific
Ref2107: VIP2 Postdoc position (Clausen & Koehler)IMP
Technical Assistant (part-time, limited to 3 months)Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
Research Technician/Junior Scientista:head
Laboratory Technician – Microbial GenomicsAres Genetics
Staff Data Scientist in Proteomics (40 hours) (Mass Spectrometry Facility)Max Perutz Labs
Research Technician Position (Djinovic Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Research Assistant in Retroviral and Germline BiologyIMBA
Ref2106: Two Postdoc positions: Mechanisms of immune evasion in metastatic cancerIMP
Labortechniker/in und Mitarbeiter/in für Programmplanung und WissenschaftsvermittlungVienna Open Lab
LabortechnikerIn (m/w/d) in der QualitätskontrolleThermo Fisher Scientific
Postdoc position available: interface of chromatin organization and ubiquitin signaling (Köhler and Clausen (IMP) Labs)Max Perutz Labs
Product Management Specialist (m/w/d) fixed-termThermo Fisher Scientific
LabortechnikerIn in der Produktion (m/w/d) in der QualitätskontrolleThermo Fisher Scientific
LabortechnikerIn in der Produktion (m/w/d)Thermo Fisher Scientific
Senior Scientist (m/f/d) – Cancer BiologyOncoOne
Joint Post-Doc position as a VIP2 Fellow (Otsuka and Martens Labs)Max Perutz Labs
Technical Sales Consultant (East Coast, US)Lexogen
Technical Assistant NGS Services LabLexogen
Digital Marketing SpecialistLexogen
Laboratory Assistant ProductionLexogen
Chief Scientific OfficerPregenerate
Stem Cell Engineera:head
Data Scientista:head
PhD Candidate (m/f/d) at the intersection of chrono-, neuro- and stem cell biology (Tessmar Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Labortechniker/inVienna Open Lab
Master’s Thesis: "Affairs of the human oxidoreductase PYROXD1" (Martinez Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Assistant Professor in Molecular BiologyMax Perutz Labs
Joint Post-Doc position as a VIP2 Fellow (Karagöz and Martinez Labs)Max Perutz Labs
Research Technician (Köhler Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Vertriebs AssistentenLabConsultung
Technical AssistantAustrianni
Postdoctoral Positions: Structural biology of the sarcomeric Z-disc assemblies (Djinovic Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Research TechniciansAelian Biotechnology
Lab ManagerAelian Biotechnology
Senior Manager – Preclinical DevelopmentOncoOne
Scientist – NGS laboratoryAres Genetics
Junior ResearcherPhagomed
Research Technician (Karagöz Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Lab technician (m/f/d, full-time)Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
Assistant to the Scientific DirectorIMBA
Lab Manager / Technical Assistant (Campbell Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Computer Vision Engineer (Senior)SCARLETRED
Full Stack Web Developer (Senior)SCARLETRED
Video Production/Editor InternSCARLETRED
Full Stack Web Developer (Junior)SCARLETRED
Android DeveloperSCARLETRED
Director Program Management (m/f) - Immune-Oncology ProgramHOOKIPA Pharma
Senior Lab Technician - Virology (m/f)HOOKIPA Pharma
(Junior) Specialist im Accounting – mit Fokus Kreditorenbuchhaltung (m/w)HOOKIPA Pharma
“Allrounder” - People & Organization (m/f)HOOKIPA Pharma
IMP Group LeadersIMP
Ref2022: Cryo Electron MicroscopistIMP
Master's Thesis in structural biology (Djinovic & M. Jantsch Lab)Max Perutz Labs
Ref2021: Masters thesis, Stark LabIMP
Vienna BioCenter PhD Program Operations ManagerVBC Scientific Training
RNA & NGS Technical & Sales Consultant (DACH)Lexogen
Head of MarketingLexogen
Ref2019: Master thesis position in the field of Developmental & Molecular BiologyIMP
Senior Manager - CMC BiologicsOncoOne
Senior Technical Assistant – Quality Control (m/f/d)Valneva
Research AssistantHaplogen
Senior Research Assistant Assay Development (m/f/d)Valneva
Senior Scientist, Formulation (m/f) Process DevelopmentHookipa
Clinical Project ManagerSCARLETRED
Lagermitarbeiter im LabShop, 20 Stunden, befristetLabConsulting
LabShop ManagerLabConsulting
Research AssistantHaplogen
(Senior) Technical Assistant – CTM AnalyticsValneva
PhD Position (Goloborodko lab)IMBA