Next Generation Sequencing

Genomics’ most flexible and powerful tool to accelerate your research!

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has become a key analysis method for biological research, enabling researchers to obtain a global view of biological processes.

Advice and guidance for sequencing projects are offered by our team, which relies on more than 10 years of experience with sequencing systems, high-throughput data analysis, and cutting-edge NGS technology. All common sequencing applications are supported, and the development of novel methods and protocols is encouraged.


Library preparation

A prerequisite for NGS is the generation of sequencing libraries from the corresponding DNA or RNA sample. There are many protocols and kits available depending on the sequencing technology, sample source, and biological question of interest. The Next Generation Sequencing Core Facility offers a broad range of library preparation methods.

Quality control

There is a careful quality check of each sequencing library prepared by facility staff or users. This includes three major steps:

  • Measurement of concentration (Fluorescence NanoDrop)
  • Measurement of size (Bioanalyzer, Fragment Analyzer)
  • Mimicking cluster formation (RT-PCR)


Sequencing is performed on Illumina (NovaSeq, NextSeq, MiSeq, iSeq), PacBio (Sequel II, in collabration), and ONT (MinION, PromethION) instruments depending on the application and biological question. The available instruments cover short, long and ultra-long sequencing as well as a broad range of output, from a few million of reads to Terabases.

Data analysis

We generate quality metrics from the sequencing process and analyze the reads to ensure successful sequencing. Lanes running pools of multiple samples are demultiplexed by the index barcode into one file per sample and their quality is checked individually. On demand, we offer mapping to reference genomes of model organisms. The alignment data can be visualized in available genome browsers and further analyzed in Galaxy. Additional, standardized analysis pipelines are available for most common applications (ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, SNP-mapping, small genome assembly).


Forskalle – For submission and administration of your sequencing requests. 

Queue– A page to check the progress of your requests and securely download finished sequencing data.

Reserva – Book a time slot for the Covaris DNA shearer and MiSeq.

VBCF-NGS GitHub – Illumina-related tools and snippets for quality metrics and file conversion.


In general, we offer four types of access to our shared research infrastructure:

  1. Research projects
  2. Full research services
  3. Trained user access | user labs
  4. Shared technology platform

Typically, these are set but not limited by the offered technology or instrument, and differ in the required user expertise, the usability of a technology, the user’s pre- and postprocessing input, and the underlying operational models.

Research project

Research projects are the equivalent of contract research organizations (CRO). The customer submits the starting material/sample and receives the ready-to-use data for publication. Hence, core facility members are often co-authoring and involved in the entire publication process.

Full research service

The user submits the sample, we perform a pre-defined workflow (incl. QC) and process the raw data. Data interpretation or contributions to publications cannot be offered in this service mode.

Trained user access | User labs

VBCF experts maintain an instrument park and train users to operate it. This requires a certain level of expertise, maturity of the offered technology, a hands-on attitude and reliability from the user.

Shared technology platform | Instrument park

These technologies require expert knowledge to run the offered instruments. Experts are hired by one of the research institutes on the Vienna BioCenter Campus. The experts maintain an instrument park, run the experiments and train other trainers. Machines can only be operated by experts.


The VBCF NGS facility provides full research service only. To estimate feasibility and allocable resources, we strongly recommend contacting our team when planning a sequencing experiment. Queuing follows a first come, first served policy.

All relevant information for users (User Guide, Price List, and General Cooperation Conditions) can be found in our sample management interface Forskalle for registered users. Please create an account on if you don't already have one. If your research group is not listed there, contact us to set it up for you.

In general, the VBCF’s general cooperation conditions apply. Please contact the NGS team for further information and to discuss your specific project needs.

We require acknowledgement of facility use in publications. 
A simple statement is sufficient and can be placed in the Materials and Methods section or in the Acknowledgments section, depending on the journal format.

Suggested format:

The XXXXXX was performed by the Next Generation Sequencing Facility at Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities (VBCF), member of the Vienna BioCenter (VBC), Austria.

In case of (co-)authorship:

The Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities (VBCF) Next Generation Sequencing Facility acknowledges funding from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science & Research; and the City of Vienna.



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For the full list of scientific contributions, click here.

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