invIOs stands for innovative immuno-oncology. We are a privately held biotech company based in Vienna, Austria, focused on the discovery and development of innovative cancer immunotherapies. invIOs was spun out of APEIRON Biologics AG in 2022.

invIOs’s proprietary Enhancement Platform for Immune Cells (EPiC) is an innovative platform that enables rapid treatment of patients with various solid tumours in an out-patient setting using their own fresh immune cells. Once clinically validated, this novel concept will enable access to and treatment for indications not previously addressable by cell therapy.

The first treatments from the EPiC platform leverage siRNA technology to target the master checkpoint inhibitor Cbl-b, an intracellular protein that has been shown to play a central role in adaptive and innate anti-tumour function. Our lead candidate treatment, APN401, is in the clinic in a Phase 1b trial. INV441, the second approach from the EPiC platform targeting Cbl-b, is in pre-clinical development, as is a novel small molecule for oral application with a new and undisclosed target.