X4 Pharmaceuticals

X4 Pharmaceuticals is a late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company and a leader in the discovery and development of novel therapies for the treatment of diseases of the immune system, with a focus on rare diseases and those with limited treatment options.

Our lead clinical candidate, mavorixafor, is a small molecule antagonist of the chemokine receptor CXCR4 being developed as a once-daily, oral therapy. We believe that successfully developing mavorixafor and providing a new therapeutic option to the estimated 50,000 individuals in the U.S. diagnosed with chronic neutropenic disorders, including WHIM syndrome, has the potential to revolutionize the treatment landscape, which is currently only served by injectable therapies with significant limitations.

X4 is led by a team with experience in research, development and commercialization of therapies to treat rare diseases, with its Headquarters located in in Boston, MA and its Research and Development Site located in Vienna, Austria.