Research Groups

Overview of all Research Groups at the Vienna BioCenter

Research Group Institute Topic
Ameres IMBA Mechanism and biology of RNA silencing
Ammerer MFPL Signal transduction and transcriptional regulation in yeast
Baccarini MFPL Deciphering the MAPK pathway in vivo
Bachmair MFPL Protein modifiers in plants
Barta MFPL Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in plants
Becker GMI Genomics and epigenomics of plant-plant and plant-environment interactions
Belkhadir GMI Plant cell signalling at the interface of growth and defences
Bell IMBA Mechanisms of epigenetic memory
Berger GMI Chromatin Architecture and Function
Blaas MFPL Early interactions of viruses with host cells
Blaesi MFPL Post-transcriptional regulation in Bacteria and Archaea
Brennecke IMBA Transposon silencing & heterochromatin formation by small RNAs
Buecker MFPL Transcriptional Regulation during Early Embryonic Development
Burga IMBA Molecular determinants of biological idiosyncrasy
Busslinger IMP Stem cell commitment in haematopoiesis
Campbell MFPL Mechanisms that ensure chromosome segregation fidelity in mitosis
Clausen IMP Molecular mechanisms of protein quality control
Cochella IMP Transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms of cell-type specification
Dagdas GMI The role of autophagy in plant development and stress tolerance
Dammermann MFPL Centriole Assembly and Function
Decker MFPL Host responses and innate immunity to bacteria
Djamei GMI Effectomics: Exploring the Toolbox of Plant Pathogens
Djinovic MFPL Structural Biology of the Cytoskeleton
Dong MFPL Structural studies of ciliogenesis
Elling IMBA Functional genomics in embryonic stem cells
Falk MFPL Biogenesis and Action of small RNAs
Foisner MFPL Lamins in nuclear organization and human disease
Fuchs MFPL Stress response in simple epithelia
Gerlich IMBA Assembly and function of the cell division machinery
Goerke MFPL Signal Transduction and post-transcriptional regulation in model bacteria
Hartig MFPL Origin and biogenesis of peroxisomes
Haselbach IMP Watching molecular machines in action
Haubensak IMP Circuit mechanics of emotional behaviour
Hermann MFPL LDL-R gene family, apolipoproteins and lipid transfer
Hermisson MFPL Mathematics and BioSciences Group (MaBS)
Hofbauer MFPL Consequences of carnitine deficiency and CSF-1 inhibition
Ikeda IMBA Linear ubiquitination in inflammation, cell death and autophagy
Ivessa MFPL Protein biogenesis and degradation from the ER
Jantsch MFPL Meiosis in C. elegans
Juffmann MFPL Quantum Microscopy and Biophysics
Karagoez MFPL Protein quality control in the endoplasmic reticulum
Keays IMP Neuronal migration and magnetoreception
Klein MFPL Chromosome Structure and Meiotic Recombination
Knoblich IMBA Brain development and disease
Koehler MFPL Nuclear Pores - Regulators of Chromatin and Membrane Dynamics
Konrat MFPL Computational Biology and Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
Koo IMBA Homeostatic regulation of adult stem cells
Kovarik MFPL Signaling and gene expression in inflammation
Kowalski MFPL Molecular and structural biology of picornaviruses
Kraft MFPL Regulation and signaling in autophagy
Kuchler MFPL Host-Pathogen Interactions & Mechanisms of Drug Resistance & Fungal Pathogenesis
Leeb MFPL Molecular control of cell fate decisions
Leonard MFPL Structural Biology of Lipid-Activated Signal Transduction
Loidl MFPL Meiotic chromosome pairing and recombination
Mari-Ordonez GMI Mechanisms of recognition and silencing of transposons in plants
Martens MFPL Molecular Mechanisms of Autophagy
Martinez MFPL Biochemistry, physiology and disease of the tRNA splicing pathway in mammalian cells
Mendjan IMBA Molecular control of human organogenesis
Mittelsten Scheid GMI Epigenetic Changes in Plants
Moll MFPL Ribosome Heterogeneity in Bacteria
Muellner MFPL Erythrocyte (patho)physiology and storage in transfusion units
Nimpf MFPL ApoER2 and VLDL Receptor
Nodine GMI Small RNA Functions in Plant Embryos
Nordborg GMI Population Genetics
Obenauf IMP Molecular mechanisms of metastasis and drug resistance
Ogris MFPL PP2A enzyme biogenesis and monoclonal antibodies
Otsuka MFPL Intra-cellular Communication between the ER and the Nucleus
Pauli IMP Functions of short translated open reading frames (ORFs) in the context of development
Pavri IMP Molecular mechanisms of antibody diversification
Penninger IMBA Modeling human disease
Peters IMP Mitosis and chromosome biology
Plaschka IMP mRNA processing and regulation
Propst MFPL The neuronal cytoskeleton in axon guidance
Raible MFPL Origin and Diversification of Hormone Systems
Rotheneder MFPL Cell cycle regulation and DNA damage response
Saha IMBA Role of macromolecular phase separation in germline cell fate and totipotency
Schloegelhofer MFPL Meiotic Recombination
Schroeder MFPL Riboregulation of transcription - how RNA controls its own synthesis
Skern MFPL Interactions between viruses and cells
Slade MFPL DNA damage response
Stark IMP Understanding transcriptional regulation
Swarts GMI Tree-ring genomics
Tachibana IMBA Chromatin reprogramming in totipotent stem cells
Tanaka IMP Molecular mechanisms of vertebrate regeneration
Tessmar MFPL Lunar periodicity and inner brain photoreceptors
Urban IMBA Systemic regulation of adult neurogenesis
Vaziri IMP Dynamics of coupled biological systems – methods and phenomena
Versteeg MFPL Ubiquitin-mediated regulation of immune signaling
von Haeseler MFPL CIBIV - Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna
Weitzer MFPL Somatic Stem Cells of the Heart
Wiche MFPL Cytoskeletal linker proteins in development, stress response, and disease
Witte MFPL ΦCh1, model for gene regulation in haloalkaliphilic Archaea
Yudushkin MFPL Functional imaging of signaling networks
Zagrovic MFPL Molecular Biophysics
Zimmer IMP Neural Network Dynamics and Behaviour
Zuber IMP Finding and probing cancer drug targets using advanced RNAi technologies