SCARLETRED is an international dermatology company delivering novel products for high-demand applications in the digital analysis and therapeutic treatment of skin diseases.




  •  SCARLETRED® Vision: Our certified medical device product SCARLETRED solves the problem of the lack of standardization and objectivity in teledermatology. The AI-powered software enables high quality remote skin imaging and analysis in a multitude of skin conditions. The award-winning technology is supplied internationally to Biopharma and Cosmetics companies, governments, hospitals, and clinicians. It is easy to use and enables delivery of better skin care products and health care services faster at significantly lower cost.


  •  SUPEROXIDE Dismutase: The anti-inflammatory acting biologics recombinant human SOD is under clinical development in a number of topical and systemic target applications, with a primary focus in chronic skin wounds and protecting against severe and life-threatening irradiation- or thermal energy-induced skin or any other organ damage.