Biosynth (former EUCODIS Bioscience) is an enzyme engineering and manufacturing company providing enzymes and performing services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and other industries as well as academic research. Biosynth established a product portfolio of over 50 enzymes including lipases, nitrile hydratases, phospholipases, beta-lactamases, and others.

Biosynth offers biocatalysis services, customized enzyme development & engineering and bioprocess fermentation for commercial production of recombinant proteins/enzymes.​

An application driven provider of custom-tailored enzymes solutions.​

Custom services: ​

  • Enzyme & protein production (non-GMP)​
  • Microbial fermentation specialists​
  • Enzyme identification and screening​
  • Development of biocatalytic steps​
  • Strain development​
  • Bioprocess development and upscale​