OncoOne is a biotechnology company focused on discovering precision medicines for cancer and autoimmune diseases. Our founders discovered the oxidized macrophage migration inhibitory factor (oxMIF), one of the most important drivers of innate and adaptive immunity.

OxMIF is the disease-related and druggable isoform of the macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) and is generated by a post-translational modification in inflammatory processes and tumorigenesis. Unlike MIF, oxMIF is differentially expressed in healthy and diseased tissue and can be detected in inflamed tissue and solid tumors. OncoOne is developing two optimized monoclonal antibodies to leverage oxMIF’s potential as a target for the treatment of solid tumors such as colorectal, ovarian, and lung cancers, as well as for chronic inflammatory diseases, both as single agents or in combination with standard-of-care regimens. Equipped with a successful track record in early to late-stage drug development as well as a deep understanding of the target itself, OncoOne’s leadership will advance a pipeline based on oxMIF’s promise in both solid tumors and autoimmune disorders. In addition, OncoOne launched its PreTarg-it® platform to broaden its portfolio to other targets and cancer indications.

Since its foundation in 2018, OncoOne has established supportive alliances with world-renowned scientific advisors and CROs and secured a partnership with a global CDMO drug product manufacturer. Furthermore, the company has built a remarkable laboratory capacity with an outstanding group of scientists and lab technicians and is constantly looking for new talents to grow the team. Our team of experts can create mAbs, multi-specific antibodies, and ADCs against targets of interest and provide phase I-ready assets to partners. OncoOne has established a strong patent portfolio with additional IP in preparation.