proxygen GmbH

The majority of drugs are designed to block one specific function of a disease-causing protein. But over 80% of human proteins are not accessible via this approach and are generally considered “undruggable”. Although many important drivers of disease have been known for decades, they are simply out of reach of classical pharmacology.

At Proxygen, we specialize in a completely different class of drugs, called molecular glue degraders. Instead of merely inhibiting a harmful protein’s function, molecular glue degraders eliminate the protein completely. They do this by reprogramming the natural protein recycling machinery present in every cell.

Our discovery and development of novel molecular glue degraders is made possible by a highly interdisciplinary approach: only by combining cutting-edge functional genomics, proteomics, and medicinal chemistry can we deliver transformative treatments to patients. At its core, a platform of cellular screens in disease-relevant models allows us to identify molecules that are active where it matters: inside diseased cells.