Pregenerate GmbH is a Vienna-based MedTech startup established in November 2019 with an aim to improve quality of life for osteoarthritis patients. Our core technology of cartilage-on-a-chip has the potential to dramatically improve arthritis treatments for each individual patient. Our cartilage-on-a-chip technology is based on the establishment of an array of fully functional healthy and diseased cartilage-like structures that mimic the onset and progression of osteoarthritis.

Our organ-on-a-chip technology is scalable, which allows for medium throughput screening applications.The core of our technology is based on a tissue-specific nutrient gradient that fosters autologous redifferentiation including chondrocyte morphology and phenotype. We have further demonstrated that biochemically induced osteoarthritis-like inflammatory responses can be readily established and used to evaluate osteoarthritic treatment options.