More equipment

Automatic immunostainer – InSitu Pro VSi

A fully automated stainer for in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry on whole mounts, vibratome sections, thin sections on slides, and cells on coverslips.

Tissue embedding console system Tissue-Tek TEC

This instrument is used in the last step of preparation of solid paraffin blocks with tissues that have been previously dehydrated and infiltrated with paraffin. It consists of two modules, the warm paraffin bath and plates, and the cooling plate, both at the same height. This allows the specimens to be transferred easily from one side to the other in an ergonomic way. The cooling plate has the capacity for 60 cassettes.

Glass coverslip machine, Tissue-TEK GLC

This instrument allows automatic and fast coverslipping of cell/tissue slides with xylene-based mounting medium. A rack of 20 slides is coverslipped in approximately 10 min.

Gemini AS Automatic Stainer

Mainly used to perform automated “hematoxylin and eosin” staining (H&E, the basic staining protocol for the microscopic evaluation of tissues). This slide stainer ensures both improved quality and reproducibility of H&E staining as well as reduced volume of consumables used.

Sliding microtome MICROM HM 430

High precision and ergonomic microtome with an adapted fast freezing unit. The roller-guided knife sledge ensures comfortable and non-tiring operation. The section thickness feed that the instrument offers is as follows: from 0 to 10 μm in 1 μm-increments, up to 20 μm in 2 μm-increments, and up to 60 μm in 5 μm-increments.

Vibratome VT1000S

High quality sectioning equipment for fresh or fixed tissue submerged in water or buffer bath. In conjunction with aeration and a proper submersion buffer, the vibratome may be used for cutting tissue that is still alive. The cut is achieved by means of a vibrating razor blade. Sectioning thickness can be set from 1 to 999 μm, in 1-μm increments. The user can alter the frequency between 0 and 100 Hz and select the appropriate amplitude between 0.2 and 1 mm in 5-mm steps.

Microscope Axioskop 2 plus

Multi-viewer discussion microscope with two secondary viewing heads. The microscope features four objective lenses as listed below.

  • x5/0.16 Plan Apochromat, ∞/0,17
  • x10/0.30 Ph Neofluor, ∞/0,17
  • x20/0.75 Plan Apochromat, 44 06 49
  • x40/0.95 Plan Achromat, ∞/0,13-0.21

The presence of two additional binocular viewing heads allows three users to simultaneously view and discuss features pertaining to the same specimen.

CM3050 S Research Cryostat

Microtome to section frozen or cryo-embedded tissues. It is the instrument of choice for all research applications and for advanced clinical cryosectioning needs. This cryostat allows a section thickness range from 0.5 to 100 µm. The temperature for the specimen clumper is controlled and ranges from -35°C to 10°C. Fine orientation control supports sectioning of delicate tissues.