First multi-chamber heart organoids unravel human heart development and disease

Heart disease kills 18 million people each year, but the development of new therapies faces a bottleneck: no physiological model of the entire human heart exists – so far. A new multi-chamber organoid that mirrors the heart’s intricate structure enables scientists to advance screening platforms for drug development, toxicology studies, and understanding heart development. The new findings, using heart organoid models developed by Sasha Mendjan’s group at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, are presented in the journal Cell on November 28.

Multi-chambered cardioids can be cultured in high-throughput in different combinations. Close-up shows the cross-section of a multi-chamber cardioid, with the atrial organoid in cyan, the left ventricular organoid in white and the right ventricular organoid in magenta. © Tobias Ilmer, Alison Ann Deyett/IMBA

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