Ares Genetics and QIAGEN Enter into Bioinformatics Partnership to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance

Ares Genetics and QIAGEN N.V. have entered into a strategic licensing agreement for ARESdb and AREStools in the area of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) research.

Under the terms of the agreement, QIAGEN has received an exclusive license to develop and commercialize general bioinformatics offerings and services for AMR research based on Ares Genetics’ database on the genetics of antimicrobial resistance, ARESdb, as well as on the ARES bioinformatics AMR toolbox, AREStools. Ares Genetics retains the rights to use ARESdb and AREStools for AMR research, customized bioinformatics services, and the development of specific AMR assays and applications for the Curetis Group (incl. Ares Genetics) as well as third parties, e.g. other diagnostics companies or partners in the pharmaceutical industry. As the QIAGEN research offering is expected to also enable advanced molecular diagnostic services and products, QIAGEN’s customers may obtain a diagnostic use license from Ares Genetics.

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