Adjusting the base: (Epi)transcriptomic RNA modification in inflammation & host-microbiome crosstalk


  • Duration: 05.08. 2019 – 04.08. 2022
  • Funded by: FWF (Austrian Science Fund)
  • Programme: Young Independent Researcher Groups: a Postdoc-Programme for Innovative, Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Partners:
    • Medical University of Vienna
    • University of Vienna
    • Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities
  • Total project costs: € 1 070 614.51


Today, over 100 different chemical modifications of RNA have been described. The complexity and impact of these modifications in thousands of RNAs is adding another layer in regulating gene expression and sparked the field of epitranscriptomics with impact on biology and medicine. The proposed project for a young independent researcher group (YIRG) tackles important interdisciplinary questions concerning epitranscriptomic RNA modification and its implications in inflammatory bowel disease, in the crosstalk with the gut microbiota and in mechanisms ensuring immune homeostasis utilizing modern sequencing and cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas9 technologies.