Research Groups "Cell & Chromosome Biology"

Research Group Institute Topic
Dagdas GMI The role of autophagy in plant development and stress tolerance
Mittelsten Scheid GMI Epigenetic Changes in Plants
Bell IMBA Mechanisms of epigenetic memory
Gerlich IMBA Assembly and function of the cell division machinery
Ikeda IMBA Linear ubiquitination in inflammation, cell death and autophagy
Tachibana IMBA Chromatin reprogramming in totipotent stem cells
Saha IMBA Role of macromolecular phase separation in germline cell fate and totipotency
Goloborodko IMBA Structure of mitotic chromosomes and polymer simulations of chromosomal folding
Haselbach IMP Watching molecular machines in action
Keays IMP Neuronal migration and magnetoreception
Peters IMP Mitosis and chromosome biology
Baccarini Max Perutz Labs Deciphering the MAPK pathway in vivo
Campbell Max Perutz Labs Mechanisms that ensure chromosome segregation fidelity in mitosis
Dammermann Max Perutz Labs Centriole Assembly and Function
Foisner Max Perutz Labs Lamins in nuclear organization and human disease
Fuchs Max Perutz Labs Stress response in simple epithelia
Hartig Max Perutz Labs Origin and biogenesis of peroxisomes
Hermann Max Perutz Labs LDL-R gene family, apolipoproteins and lipid transfer
Jantsch Max Perutz Labs Meiosis in C. elegans
Klein Max Perutz Labs Chromosome Structure and Meiotic Recombination
Koehler Max Perutz Labs Nuclear Pores - Regulators of Chromatin and Membrane Dynamics
Martens Max Perutz Labs Molecular Mechanisms of Autophagy
Ogris Max Perutz Labs PP2A enzyme biogenesis and monoclonal antibodies
Rotheneder Max Perutz Labs Cell cycle regulation and DNA damage response
Schloegelhofer Max Perutz Labs Meiotic Recombination
Slade Max Perutz Labs DNA damage response
Versteeg Max Perutz Labs Ubiquitin-mediated regulation of immune signaling
Weitzer Max Perutz Labs Somatic Stem Cells of the Heart
Wiche Max Perutz Labs Cytoskeletal linker proteins in development, stress response, and disease
Otsuka Max Perutz Labs Intra-cellular Communication between the ER and the Nucleus