Creating synergies between research infrastructures to stimulate innovation in the cross-border region

  • Duration: 01. 09. 2016 – 29. 02. 2020
  • Funded by: ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)
  • Programme:  Interreg V-A Austria – Czech Republic
  • Lead partner: Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities, GmbH
  • Partners:
    • IST Austria
    • CEITEC Masaryk University, Czech Republic
    • CEITEC Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
    • Faculty Hospital of St. Anne, Czech Republic
  • Total project costs: €1,495,000


Life sciences and technology rely increasingly on support from research infrastructures (RI) with specialized equipment and highly-skilled experts, and this trend is increasing and inevitable.

The focus of the project is on exploiting the potential of synergistic collaborations of the cross-border RI at the technology and management levels. The results of these collaborations will increase the quality and range of provided RI services, development of new applications and devices, and expand access to RI to users throughout the cross-border region. The project will coherently contribute to development of the regional research and bio- and nanotech sector through innovation of RI by the provision of top innovative services, which will increase the region’s competitiveness in research. 

The main outputs will be:

  • Improved knowledge on managing RI and expertise in providing cutting-edge services
  • Innovated research devices and services through joint use of cross-border complementary equipment
  • Enabled access to RI for external users from CZ-AT program region
  • Increased involvement in the use of the RI by users coming from less-urbanized areas  

These outputs will be achieved through RI staff exchange and trainings, innovative joint research projects taking advantage of complementary cross-border expertise, and workshops, as well as an open access program to promote these services.