Time-resolved sequencing tells the life story of small RNAs

Advances in sequencing technology have allowed scientists to peer inside living cells and follow the fate of small RNAs. The expedition has uncovered new mechanisms concerning small RNA production, their assembly into gene-regulatory complexes, and their decay, as reported in the current issue of Molecular Cell.

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About the illustration: “Time the silence”- Inspired by Banksy’s last artwork, Veronika Herzog, Stefan Ameres and Tibor Kulczar realized an illustration, to show how state-of-the-art metabolic RNA sequencing can be used to assess intracellular timing of microRNA-mediated gene silencing.(illustrated by a hairpin as the key biogenesis intermediate of microRNAs).

Original Publication: Reichholf, Herzog et al., “Time-resolved small RNA sequencing unravels the molecular principles of microRNA homeostasis”, Molecular Cell