FWF awards ESPRIT grant to study single-cell proteomics of human blastoid

The Austrian Science Fund FWF has awarded a prestigious ESPRIT grant to scientists from the Proteomics Tech Hub at the Vienna BioCenter. Iuliia Bubis…

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A ring-shaped molecular structure with domains in grey, red, light blue, dark blue and yellow, on a white background.

Scientists show structure of enzyme involved in protein degradation

An international team of scientists including Zuzana Hodakova and David Haselbach at the IMP used cryo-electron microscopy to analyse the structure of…

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Portrait of a young man with brown hair, a beard, and a grey shirt.

EMBO Fellowship for IMP postdoc Stephan Raiders

EMBO Fellowships provide up to two years of funding for postdoctoral researchers. Stephan Raiders, a postdoc with Elly Tanaka at the IMP, was now…

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A cohesin-regulated tug-of-war inside chromosomes

Cohesin, a ring-shaped protein complex, tethers the two DNA copies contained in each replicated chromosome such that they can be properly moved during…

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IMP Senior Group Leader Anna Obenauf elected EMBO Member

IMP Senior Group Leader Anna Obenauf is one of 60 newly elected members of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) for this year. Although…

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Virus-like transposons wage war on the species barrier

Scientists have known for decades that genes can be transferred from one species to another, both in animals and plants. However, the mechanism of how…

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How land plants regulate tissue development and organogenesis

Conserved signaling molecules, called RHO GTPases, define where growth occurs on the surface of eukaryotic cells. Researchers from the Dolan group at…

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START grant for Stephanie Ellis

Congratulations to Stephanie Ellis, who has been awarded a START grant totaling € 1.05 million by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. Together with the…

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Many roads lead to Rome

Cilia are hair-like projections on the surface of eukaryotic cells that perform essential sensory and motile functions. Defects in cilia are…

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invIOs presents exciting preclinical data showing that immune-activating small molecule INV501 induces strong cytotoxic activity against solid tumors

invIOs publicly disclosed data for the first time from its high-potential small molecule program, INV501, showing that the novel compound can induce…

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7 beige-coloured spheres sit next to each other. Three look full and hairy, four have empty space and a blob in the center.

Sperm-egg matchmaker "Bouncer" may drive fish evolution

In order to fertilise an egg, sperm needs to be compatible with it. A few years ago, scientists from the lab of Andrea Pauli at the IMP discovered…

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3 new FWF grants awarded to Max Perutz Labs scientists

Thomas Leonard, Shotaro Otsuka, and Gijs Versteeg have been awarded individual project grants, amounting to approximately €400.000 each, by the…

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