Climate@MaxPerutzLabs initiative wins Austrian Sustainability Award 2022

The Climate@MaxPerutzLabs initiative has received the Sustainability Award 2022 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research…

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Valneva Receives Marketing Authorization in Europe for Inactivated Whole-Virus COVID-19 Vaccine VLA2001

Valneva announced that the European Commission (EC) has granted marketing authorization in Europe for Valneva’s inactivated whole-virus COVID-19…

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Two young women stand next to each other with crossed arms and smile at the camera.

Anna Obenauf and Andrea Pauli promoted to Senior Scientists

As of October 2022, IMP junior group leaders Andrea Pauli and Anna Obenauf will become senior scientists. The decision, which follows a thorough…

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Valneva and Pfizer Enter into an Equity Subscription Agreement and Update Terms of Collaboration Agreement for Lyme Disease Vaccine Candidate VLA15

Valneva and Pfizer announced that they have entered into an Equity Subscription Agreement and have updated the terms of their Collaboration and…

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ÖAW DOC Fellowships awarded to Max Perutz Labs students

Congratulations to Valentina Budroni, Toni Manolova, Alexander Stockinger, and Alexander Tsarev who have been awarded DOC Fellowships by the Austrian…

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A young man with black hair and eyes, glasses, and a light red t-shirt sits on a terrace and smiles at the camera.

Tracking cells in the regenerating limb through space and time

In order to understand how tissues arise during embryonic development and regeneration, scientists need to find a way to follow different cell…

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Proxygen Announces Strategic Collaboration with Merck to Develop Molecular Glue Degraders

Proxygen announced that the company has entered into a strategic multi-year research collaboration and license agreement with Merck. Proxygen is…

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A pink molecule is attached to a large green and blue enzyme via a small orange molecule. On the other side of the enzyme, small bits of pink come out.

BacPROTACs: antibiotics of the future

Bacterial infections cause hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. While bacterial epidemics are often restricted to low- and middle-income…

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Putting a finger on meiosis

The proper processing of DNA lesions is critical to faithful chromosome segregation and genome integrity. As part of a larger complex of proteins,…

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Milestone in understanding regulation of gene transcription

The expression of our genes is tightly regulated by the action of enhancers, DNA sequences that activate the transcription of a gene into messenger…

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Rendezvous at night – how moonlight fine-tunes animal reproduction

Animals possess circadian clocks, or 24 h oscillators, to regulate daily behavior. These typically take their cues from the periodic change of…

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Undergraduate student fits one more piece to the regeneration puzzle

Giacomo Glotzer, an undergraduate student from Yale University, spent a year in the lab of Elly Tanaka to investigate the molecular pathways that…

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