Lipid Chemistry Empowers Nuclear Shape

The cell nucleus is surrounded by a spherical double membrane called the nuclear envelope. Scientists have long been intrigued by how this envelope…

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2.5M euros funding for single-cell proteomics

The Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities GmbH is pleased to announce that it has received 2.5M Euro from the FFG Infrastructure Call 2022. The funding…

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A two-faced molecule: deciphering cohesin’s dual role

Inside the microscopic cell nucleus resides our genome, a two-meter-long DNA strand meticulously organized in compact chromosomes by cohesin, a…

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An illustration fo a hand in a nitril glove holds a tape; the thread of the tape writes "a mixtape of science".

20th Vienna BioCenter PhD Symposium: 9/10 November 2023

The Vienna BioCenter PhD Symposium will be held in its 20th edition this year on 9 and 10 November. Drawing students and other scientists from around…

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Two young women stand side by side and smile at the camera.

Competitive BIF fellowships for two IMP PhD students

Two PhD students at the IMP were awarded prestigious fellowships by the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds: Monika Heinzl (Stark Lab) and Patty Rothe…

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"In science, you can’t get bored" - Interview with new group leader Irma Querques

Irma Querques studied Biotechnology at the University of Bologna and received a Ph.D. at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg.…

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A CRISPR-based lab tool for lineage tracing in vivo

How do individual cells give rise to the range of cellular lineages in multicellular organisms? Now, researchers from Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid’s lab…

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HiCognition: A computational tool to navigate the genome in 3D

The genetic information is encoded in very long DNA molecules, which adopt specific three-dimensional organization inside cells to support various…

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A 3D illustration of a brown DNA molecule twirls on a black background.

On and off: scientists describe mechanism to regulate gene transcription

The development of organisms depends on the correct regulation of gene expression, including the silencing of genes that should not be active. This…

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A young man with a checkered shirt leans on a glass wall and smiles at the camera; palm houseplant in the background.

DOC Fellowship for Vienna BioCenter PhD student Alessandro Passera

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) has awarded one of its competitive DOC fellowship to a Vienna BioCenter PhD student at the IMP: Alessandro…

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FWF awards ESPRIT grant to study single-cell proteomics of human blastoid

The Austrian Science Fund FWF has awarded a prestigious ESPRIT grant to scientists from the Proteomics Tech Hub at the Vienna BioCenter. Iuliia Bubis…

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A ring-shaped molecular structure with domains in grey, red, light blue, dark blue and yellow, on a white background.

Scientists show structure of enzyme involved in protein degradation

An international team of scientists including Zuzana Hodakova and David Haselbach at the IMP used cryo-electron microscopy to analyse the structure of…

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